Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Injuries and Illness

Sadly, I have torn some ligaments in my ankle after I rolled it playing sports with the kids. Our first day with the kids at the high school we took for a fun day in the park. While playing capture the flag I tried to turn and my feet went one way while my body went another. Our emergency vehicle had left so I was able to catch a ride with a local back to town. I am now on crutches for a while. It's very frustrating being in a new place where I want to go hiking, fishing and get teaching and now I am stuck at home nursing a damaged ankle. I really miss our vehicles!!! It is a really frustrating to have to get a cab to go anywhere. Sadly Margot was ill for a few days with the obligatory start of the year cold and now Llily and I seem to have picked it up too. We are a sorry lot.

I am sorry there are no photos up yet. All our new photos are downloaded to Margot's computer which she has been taking for work. But I will try and get a few up soon.

Our things have made it to Iqaluit and we are eagerly awaiting them. We have been essentially camping for the last few weeks and it is getting a bit trying. The weather has been good though and I am hopeful they will arrive shortly. I heard they (First Air) are sending a second plane tonight, so fingers crossed that our stuff might be on it. Speaking of First Air, I got an email the other day regarding all the hullabaloo about our dog's flight from Ottawa to here. They wanted a phone number to contact us at. The other pet owner's who were on our flight and had their dog bumped had raised quite a lot of concern over the treatment and subsequent lack of information we were given about our dogs from the airline. When they called me today to discuss the issue they informed me they were doing an in-house evaluation about how pets are being handled and our situation specifically. They also offered to reimburse us for the cost of shipping our dogs and an extra $200 towards a flight or cargo in the next year. I must say, their customer service has been amazing. I am so used to the nonsense of dealing with Air Canada, I am really appreciating the care and concern that First Air seems to give to it's customers.

Anyhow, gotta run.....  well more accurately hobble my way off for bed time kisses with Lily.

- Richard

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