Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Awaiting our things

No sign of our things that are being moved from Rossland to here yet. However they say it is booked to fly in this weekend. We are so excited about having our things, I can't even tell you. Lily is doing better but still under the weather as am I.

It is has been very warm the last few days. I can't say specifically as my thermometer is with our stuff being moved but it is sunny and I don't need a toque on. I saw a funny thing yesterday as a co-worker walked past the house at 8:30pm. It is not odd that he was walking past, but it was the fact that he had a backpack and a shotgun on. His belt line was decorated with shotgun shells as he walked toward the edge of the hamlet. I asked Margot who had a quick talk with him as she was already outside about where he was going and he explained he was going hunting. It turns out that people hunt quite close to town, just over the hill, for goose. He often gets 4 or 5 in an evening. Now I grew up hunting and it is not a foreign thing to me, but walking through town with your gun to head up and over the hill took me a bit off guard. Not that I am judging, I need to make this clear. I am actually sad I am hurt and don't have my things here so am unable to join. What a different world it is up here.

Sorry, no new pictures yet. But I thought I would throw in a few from us out hiking in Rossland, BC last September.

- Richard

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