Monday, September 13, 2010

Unpacking, unpacking...

Saturday, September 11th

Today’s main project was to get our bed set up. Even working on Lily time we had the old beds moved out, the frame put together, the mattress in place, and the bed made before lunch. We all had a great time bouncing and flopping on the “really great bed” to quote Lily. Then we unpacked and unpacked and unpacked. I carried boxes upstairs and downstairs and back upstairs as we tried to figure out where everything should go. We discovered more moving damage today. So far we have lost one mug and one large corning wear casserole dish but today we found some major damage to Lily’s rocking chair. Something very heavy must have landed on it because the entire top frame was cracked right through.

Not much we can do about it so I wrapped it in clear hockey tape which will protect from slivers and future cracking and we should be able to use it as is. We also found that the corner of the deep freeze had buckled.
But it too appears functional so shouldn’t prove to be a huge problem. This is the nice thing about our move to Cape Dorset. We are pretty unattached to things as we know most of them will stay here when we leave. It was a very long day. In the evening Richard set up our new Wii. We have never had video games but thought it might be a good idea to have something up here to help pass the time on the long winter evenings. I had a great time dancing. Richard was sad that because of his foot he couldn’t join me. And then we had several car races trying to figure out the game and beat each other. I think it will turn out to be a very good investment.


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