Monday, September 20, 2010

Some sad news today in Cape Dorset

This is just a brief update about some sad news up here. While having breakfast I noticed an RCMP vehicle parked outside a house down below us for a long while but didn't think too much about it.

Home in "the valley"
So we carried on our morning. It was quite frustrating because I have been taking the Taxi to and from school lately because of my ankle. Well, no one was answering the phone this morning so after dropping Margot at her school I had to push Lily to daycare. I got Lily to daycare and headed to school where I was intercepted outside by my Principal, Cecil who told me there had been a shooting last night in which we were told that one of our Grade 11 students (I don't know the name) stabbed someone to death. His whereabouts are still unknown to the RCMP at this time and our school was on lock down. However, we did not have kids today because our water system had been compromised (a strong metallic taste in the water). The staff was told to stay in their locked classrooms. Then Cecil told us we did not have to stay if we did not want to or feel safe. The school doors had not been all locked and there had yet to be a room to room search done by the police. So, I decided to get Lily and go home as I was unsure how safe daycare would be given that a scared, trapped and violent teenager was looking for somewhere to barricade themselves. When I got to the daycare I informed them what was happening and they didn't seem to take any safety measures that I could see as we left. I will talk with them tomorrow about what they do in a lock down, if they even have a plan in place. Lily and I stopped by Margot's school and let her know what was happening and they were also in full lock down. Luckily they knew me and Lily and let us in. We had a quick play and now we are home, safe and sound. I now realize that the police were outside the house because that is the crime scene. They know have yellow tape surrounding the building. It's a very quiet day here and many are understandably upset. It seems everyone here is related somehow and it's a tight community. What a waste, I hope they catch the kid before he hurts himself.

Take care, we'll update soon.


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