Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labour Day

Monday, September 6th

No school today and Richard’s foot was doing better so we decided to take a walk. We headed down to the water at a beach we had not been to before. The first thing we came across was a seal skin. Something had moved it as there was a large trail of blood.

No idea why it was out there and it made us sad to think that not every part of it was being used. After talking to the ladies at work it turns out that not all seals are good for clothing. Perhaps this was the case.

Lily and I walked to the top of the rocks to look around while Richard rested on the beach. At the top were two chairs (which Lily insisted we sit in). They had a nice view and I got some pictures of the hamlet and bay from the other side. We got up nice and close to two of the giant ravens that live here. It was quite warm and we all ended up in just our t-shirts at one point. On the way home we were joined by a group of 9 children (one was a student of mine). They love Lily and came along to play with her. She loved it and went from whining to be carried to running along with the children all the way home.

The chairs with a view

Giant ravens
Richard and Lilibeth
Lily examines a local canoe
We are not sure why but a tent (in use) was set up at the edge of the beach
Lily and her entourage
The boy in the baseball cap center is one of my students
Lily loves those kids!

We realized that as time goes by we don’t necessarily remember who we have bought art from. So we decided to start asking if we could take pictures of the carver with their work after we have bought it. Here is a lovely polar bear we bought today with its creator Ottokie (pronounced Oo-too-key). Ottokie is “in the book”. This is a common phrase up here and you can ask any carver that comes to the door if they are in the book. “The book” is published by the artist’s co-op and contains the names and a brief biography of any carver whose work has been recognized. The co-op and the Northern store buy from those who are in the book and their work is worth more. With a bit of time we have begun to recognize the signs of a skilled carver too. Although we still buy pieces if we like them even if the skill level isn’t top-notch.
Ottokie and his/our polar bear

Tonight I went to ‘Ladies Night’. The gathering of “southern” women was hosted tonight by the wife of an RCMP officer. There were eight of us and it was nice to be out and meet a few new people. With school and Lily I have been a bit of a home body. I got a ride home with Megan who works at the airport. It was her mother, Cheryl, who was working at the airport the day we arrived and got us our keys. Megan drove the other girls home too and on the way we were treated to a beautiful display of the Northern Lights. I tried to take pictures but my camera would not co-operate and not one turned out. Instead of posting a picture of a black sky I will just say that they were amazing. I got to watch the brilliant green light dancing across the sky. And so ended Labour Day.


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