Sunday, September 12, 2010

Students yet?...Nope

Wednesday, September 8th

Wednesday I got to work and discovered that we still had no children. Good thing considering the state of my room.

My classroom now with no carpet, no nothing

My the hall

With no students we spent the morning prepping and doing more paperwork. Kathy and I are trying to work together to have our children doing the same things so we can share planning, resources, materials and time. In the afternoon we took a field trip down to the art co-op. I went with Kathy, Emma (grade 4), Scott (grade 4), and Susan (grade 5). The other teachers had never been there and Emma is planning a print making unit with her class so wanted to see if they could tour the co-op. We all went down and had a look around and met a printmaker hard at work. Most artists are still off for the summer but they are all back by the end of September.

To finish the print this printmaker uses his favourite tool, a spoon.
He told us, "It is really the spoon that is famous not me."
Spent more time unpacking this afternoon and actually got to open boxes. Anything we don’t need right now, like Christmas things, we are moving down “into the hole” (the storage/crawl space under the house where the water and sewage tanks are is accessed through a small trap door in the floor). Lily thinks this is terrific fun! I made a big pile in the sealift room (where the hole is) and in the attached boot room so Richard could just pass things down to me.
Lily with 1/2 the pile ready to go down the hole

Some of our work in the hole

It is so nice to see our things again, all our things. During dinner tonight there was a knock at the door. It was Joey back one last time to deliver our bed. For those of you who do not know we have a king size bed that we love. We really wanted it here. Joey was not so convinced. It took himself, his assistant and I all pulling and pushing for all we were worth to get it up the stairs. The staircase is tight and doubles back on itself. I had never seen a king size mattress folded in half until tonight. But it finally made it upstairs and doesn’t look to worse for wear. Still a lot to do but we definitely made a dent!


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