Monday, September 13, 2010

Some unexpected classroom news arrives

Sunday, September 12th

More unpacking. Richard joined Lily and me when we took the dogs for a walk in the field. It got much colder today and we were very glad our winter clothes have arrived. Richard and I do not yet have parkas but we have ordered them and they should be here soon. Hopefully they arrive before the snow does which according to the locals could be any day now. I got news this afternoon that although my classroom still isn’t finished the children will all be attending school tomorrow. There is an empty classroom down the hall from Kathy and I and we were told we could share it for Monday. When Lily woke up from her nap she came to school with me to have a chat with Kathy about how Monday would look. We talked about what we could do with our 32 students in one make-shift classroom. We did some planning and got all the breakfast supplies (we give the children breakfast every morning, toast, cereal and juice). We gathered up anything else we could think of to make Monday fun for all of us. Then Lily and I came home for dinner. I spent the night thinking of more games/activities to do throughout the day tomorrow. And finally went to bed.


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