Monday, September 13, 2010

Literacy, literacy, literacy

Friday, September 10th

Today Grade 5 was added to our school attendees. And wonder of wonders the bus is back on the road. It ran for something like the first two days of school and then was taken off the road. Problems with registration, funding and which organization was responsible kept it off the road much longer than expected. All of our children go home for lunch and some have a fair distance to travel. It is good timing to have the bus back as the weather forecast says it is about to get colder. More work time for Kathy and I and in the afternoon we had a literacy meeting with all the teachers of the older grades except for Susan who had her Grade 5s back. Glen is the only teacher I have not yet mentioned and he teaches the Grade 6 class. The meeting was led by David’s (my principal) wife, Frances. It was very useful. Our school is short on books and we spent a fair amount of time brainstorming was to have the children reading when we don’t have books. I am re-inspired to get my Language Arts program under way!


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