Saturday, September 4, 2010

Welcome Everyone!

So, our blog is now up and running. It has taken a shocking amount of time. It's not the writing of it so much as the uploading of pictures. Our Internet here is decent for downloading simple web pages, much faster than I thought it would be in fact. The uploading however is rough. It was taking about 8 minutes to upload a single picture. It is nice to have gotten a bunch up.

Update on when our things arrive:
I got a call from the person who organizes the transportation of items from the airport here to homes and businesses yesterday. She told me to expect our things later that afternoon. This was going to be a challenge because Margot was going to be at work and I would have Lily and the dogs to contend with while the movers dropped boxes that I was to inventory. Well, a bit before lunch a cube truck (mover's truck) shows up and 3 guys start hauling boxes up the stairs. Needless to say, we weren't ready. So there is a flurry of activity as we put the dogs in an upstairs bedroom and we try to get Lily sorted with me in the kitchen (she had just bonked her head and was crying) as Margot is clearing a path for the Movers. We show them where to stack boxes and Margot tries to sort out inventory when she sees the name on the shipping manifest. Guess what? Not our stuff. So, the movers then haul the dozen or so large boxes back to their truck. We ask "Where's our stuff? When is it coming?' and we are told that the next plane in that is carrying freight is on Sunday. That's the last we have heard from anyone. So, our fingers are crossed that maybe we'll get our stuff on Sunday.

This morning Margot is taking Lily and the dogs on a walk to some waterfalls nearby with a colleague of hers named Kathy. Lily is doing better as is Margot who thought it would be nice for them to get some air and be out of the house. She also was letting me rest as I did not get much sleep. I woke up in a panic about how I am going to get me and Lily to school for the next 6 weeks while my foot heals. I am still waiting on an aircast which will allow me to walk without the risk of re-injury. I don't think that taking 4 cab rides a day is a very good solution either, so we are now going to start looking for a reasonably priced used quad (ATV, 4 wheeler or as the locals call them "Hondas"). I will post some flyers this week and see about getting an ad on the local radio station. I just talked with a neighbour to see if he knew of any and it seems he knew of one that sold 3 days ago for what I was willing to pay. Drat! It seems the radio is how everyone communicates here. Not many people have home phones because they are expensive up here, so if you really need to talk to someone, they announce it on the radio along with other community events. It's really a pretty neat solution.
I have included pictures of our carving collection. We buy a small percentage of the carvings that we see around town and that are sold by carvers who come to our door, and yet... I think the current count is 19. It's going to cost us a whole lot of money if we ever decide to move!

There is also a picture of Lily giving me her "I am really serious" face. It is just too funny to see her interpretation of what Margot and I must look like when we are being stern.

Take care and thanks for visiting!


Lily being "very serious" at breakfast

Lily at the falls

Kathy helping Lily on the stone bridge

Our sculptures

Thanks for visiting. 


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  1. Pace yourself on the carvings!! hehe.. we did the same thing when we got there. Honestly, we ended up not liking alot of the stuff we bought in the very beginning because at that point we didn't know what was good because we hadn't seen very much. I hope you don't run into the same thing. Oh! And they make great christmas gifts.


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