Sunday, September 5, 2010

No News news

Margot here - Still no word on our Moving Truck!  After more phone calls it sounds like Tuesday might just be the day.  We are still being hopeful but will believe it when I see MY boxes in the house.  I may be most excited about hangers today as all our coats are just piled on a shelf in the bootroom and keep falling on me.  But stuff aside...we think we saw the Northern Lights last night.  They were quite faint as it is early in the season but there were definately shifting green lights in the sky.  Pretty amazing and we can't wait for more.  Speaking of lights the sunset tonight was amazing.  I am attaching a picture although it doesn't do it justice.  What an amazing place this country is!  And as Richard has been writing about carvings we decided to start asking carvers if we could take their picture with the piece we buy.  Last night Sam came to the door, I bought an Inuksuk and he let me take his picture.  He is a highschool student which means that the quality is not as high as with the master carvers but we like to support local talents and we only buy the pieces we really like.  We seem to really like a lot!
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The Sunday night sky

Sam and his Inuksuks


  1. The sunsets in Dorset are amazing all the time. I do miss them.

  2. Sorry to hear that you still don't have your stuff! Hope that you guys are feeling better. What a beautiful sunset too!! Miss you!

    Keri and Mark


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