Sunday, September 12, 2010

Do I teach today?...Nope

Thursday, September 9th

Kindergarten, Grade one and Grade two were back in session as that is where the flooring man started but the rest of us had yet another work day. Kathy and I worked on gathering materials. Lots of copying, cutting, gluing, printing, colouring and writing. Nothing to interesting on the work front but on the lifestyle side I was asked by an SSA (student support assistant) if I would like to buy a seal skin parka for Lily. I was unprepared for the question. I am trying to get into the local spirit of things but to have my baby wrapped in seal?! But I took a look. Apparently seal is one of the warmest furs to wear and it would be neat to have something locally made. She agreed to let me take it home to try on Lily and so I could talk to Richard. She was asking $100. Richard and I thought maybe we would buy it but Lily was unimpressed and as we did just buy her a brand new winter coat we decided not to buy this one.

Lily in the seal parka

I have commissioned a hat for Lily though. The day we were all at the Nurse’s station a woman asked if we would like to buy a hat. It was a little small but I said if she could make one a little bit bigger we would be interested. I saw her today in town and it is almost finished so Lily will have a new hat with fox trim. Mittens may be the next step as no manufacturer thinks that small children will ever be outside if it is colder than -30C. But let me tell you from the look (and feel) of things Lily surely will!


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