Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gettin er done eh

We got our food order delivered yesterday after school with minimal breakage. The crate the girls re-packed our food into shifted while being moved and two flats of water bottles fell out which is really sad as I have plans for the empty bottles. The good news is Margot is quite quick and rescued more from being crushed by the loader. Lily and me got home earlier than expected due to another parent not showing up for a scheduled meeting after school. This is now three out of four. It is very frustrating trying to work with parents on an issue a student has and not having any support or the decency to show up for a meeting they agreed to. Don’t these people realize I am giving up my own time away from my family to meet to help their kid? Sometimes I find this profession very frustrating. Anyway...

So me and Lily trudge home in the sleet with the stroller up and over the hill to find two very large wooden crates in our “driveway” that are in need of attention as it is getting colder (-5C) and snowing/raining. Margot and me get Lily sorted with a show and a special treat: a TICKY LOOPY! She is happy and settled but so very tired as the daycare forgot to put a diaper on her for her nap again so she peed and woke up early. When she misses sleep she is such a monster. Margot started dinner while I starting hauling everything up the stairs in the snow into the house so things didn’t freeze or get stolen. We were both able to unload for a while as we waited for Lisa to join us for some unloading and dinner. Sadly we had to start dinner without her because she got hung up at school and Lily had a complete meltdown when she finished her treat and was reminded that she could only have the one. This was a full on big tears, throwing her hands in the air and flinging herself about meltdown. It was upsetting for us all.

Dinner went well with Lily and I sharing my dinner while she sat on my lap. She perked up with a tummy full of warm food and was back to her usual self by meal’s end. Lisa joined us and while Margot and I took turns on getting Lily bathed, storied and put to bed we all worked to unload, sort, inventory and store away our gigantic sealift. We worked for 3 or 4 hours and got everything unpacked and stored away. After dinner I took on the task of being in the crawl space. To get things into in stuff is passed through a trapdoor that is over the fresh water tank. To “catch” things I had to lean over the tank on my knees then push boxed up to 35 feet to their final locations. My knees were beyond painful by the end of the night. But everyone busted their buts and goterdun. We had a glass of wine and all said goodnight. Lisa, thanks again for your help!

I now have three large shipping containers that need to be disassembled and turned into a shed that will hold a couple of snowmobiles. I want to be able to drive in one side and out the other. My mom and dad have been kind enough to mail us some hardware (latches, locks, screws, hinges) that I can use to put it together. They are calling for rain and snow for the next few days then it is supposed to get quite cold and snowy Monday.

After school today I started the process of turning three shipping crates and miscellaneous lumber into a drive through shed for the snowmobile and other assorted things. Everything is muddy, icy, wet and cold so it’s not very fun. However it will be sweet when it’s done.

That’s about it from me. Take care all!


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