Sunday, November 28, 2010

Newfies and a babysitter

Friday school was canceled because the day before the heating system in the high school was “fixed” which in turn changed my classroom (along with the rest of school) from a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius to upwards of 40! So I spent the whole day outside tearing apart the extra shipping crate we have and began transforming it into another shed for the other snowmobile. This shed is going under the stairs so we drive it in one side and out the other. Sadly, our machines don’t have reverse. Anyhow, it was a long, wet day.

Later that evening we were invited to a bit of a gathering for a birthday party so after we got Lily down to sleep we had our babysitter come over. She is a very responsible girl who goes to my school. She came over and met Lily a couple weeks ago and everything went very well. This is the first time Lily has ever been left with a babysitter with the exception of staying over at my parent’s house a few times. It is an odd feeling to be leaving her but it was nice to be able to go out with just adults. The majority of the people at the party were all from the Maritimes and it was a great time. We had our first proper kitchen party. It makes me laugh that we had it in Cape Dorset rather than the 8 months we lived in Halifax. A favorite memory for me will be me and a friend riding on one of our snowmobiles late at night while he managed to hold two guitars, smoke and not fall off. It was too funny! However it took a bit to get the guitars back into tune.

Saturday morning we all went out for a big sledding session. We were joined by a few kids and everyone had a good time. Lily went down the hill by herself for the first time!

Today we tackled moving our sealift goods out of the basement. What a pain! This is meant both literally and figuratively. It’s a nice job to have done.

Tomorrow is my birthday, 33! Woohoo!!! So I have taken steak, tiger prawns and lobster tails out of the freezer in preparation. Margot is making fresh bread and chocolate chip banana bread for me, which is one of my favorites. I am very excited.

Have a great week.



  1. Happy Birthday, Richard!! Yay 33! Thanks for your blog - it's interesting and always makes me feel grateful for the relative comfort of Sault Ste Marie (which is saying something)! Sounds like you guys are taking everything in stride, as usual... Hope you have a great day - enjoy your birthday banana bread!

  2. Thanks Joy, I did enjoy it. mmmmm. Glad to hear our life makes you feel better about yours! hahaha.



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