Sunday, April 17, 2011

Floe Edge

Today we loaded everyone onto the snow mobiles and took a drive out to the floe edge.  It is amazing how much has melted since we were last there.  It is so incredibly beautiful!  I realized how much I have been stuck in the house lately.  Being out there reminded me of how amazing my life really is.  I get to live in this beautiful, spectacular, breath-taking place that most people will never even get to visit.  I am thankful for my life!  I think everyone felt the same today except maybe Lily who was distracted rolling down the hills and throwing ice off the edge of the ice into the water.  We carried on to the park and had a great time swinging and playing.  Came back home for lunch where Lily ate more of the caribou stew I made yesterday and arctic char with soya sauce.  She has been off and on with naps lately but went to bed without fuss and fell asleep before Mama had even left the room.  While she slept, Maureen and I rested but Richard and Rick went for a big snow mobile ride out to Fish lake.  They had a great time.
In the evening we headed over to Richard's Vice Principal Mike's house for another Kitchen Party.  Lily was specially invited so dinner was nice and early (Thank you very much!).  Richard and Rick both brought guitars and treated us to one song after another.  Lily went bananas and was dancing and singing with everyone.  She always hates to leave a party but eventually I did have to bring her home.  Again she went straight to sleep.
There is still no word on the water situation.  We can see lots of activity up the hill and Richard stopped to talk to them today but all we really know is that the pipe is Badly frozen.  They seem to be plowing a road up to the lake I think the idea being that if they can make it to the pump house they can fill the trucks from there.  No idea if that will actually work or not but hey at least they are trying.  We would all really like water back in our lives.  And a shower without thought would be lovely!!!  Maybe tomorrow...
Drink up all, and drink one for us (water that is).

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