Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mama and Papa Day!!

Tuesday April 12th was declared Mama and Papa day. We were all very excited that Richard's parents, Rick and Maureen, would be arriving in Cape Dorset in the afternoon. We all went off to school and then afterwards headed up to the airport to pick them up. Lily was so excited!! They arrived safely and in fact were the only people on the plane. They said it was quite the experience! It is so nice to see familiar faces we have missed them very much. After dinner we went up to my school to attend the penny sale. These are a regular occurrence in Cape Dorset and we wanted to give the parents the full experience. Lily has discovered a deep love for participating in the cake walk and got Papa and Mama to do it with her. I think she walked 5 or 6 times. Between that and the running around with the kids she was a tired little bean when we got home.
On Wednesday Richard and I had to go to work but Lily got to stay home.
On Thursday Richard and I had to work and Lily went to school as well so that Rick and Maureen could come and visit our schools and meet our students. They spent part of the morning with me. The kids have a game they play we call 'dice math'. I roll two dice on the Smart board and two people compete to see who can add the fastest. Rick and Maureen were great sports competing against my kids. They then went down to the high school where they were doing a big lunch for the kids and then house sports. While they were there I had to stay at school for parent teacher interviews in the afternoon. Things were going well until one of the dads who is also the SAO of our hamlet told me that the pipe that brings water into town was frozen and broken. This meant that there was no more water being delivered and they did not know when it would be fixed. I called home and let them know and we went into water conservation mode. I was supposed to go back for more interviews in the evening but a storm came up and they were cancelled. This made us all very sad!!
Friday. No School. A nice day we all got to stay home and heaven love grandparents, Mama got up with Lily so we got to sleep in. What a great way to start our holiday. Richard's principal called us just before lunch to let us know that the Co-op was having a sale on bottled water so Richard loaded up the qamatiq and headed down many of the other high school teachers were there as well so Richard filled the qamatiq full of water and delivered it to their houses. He is such a nice guy!!
Saturday. We went sledding in the morning on the hill outside our house. We brought Lily and the dogs so it was good old fashioned chaos.  Amy came over for dinner to meet the folks.  We all had such nice time and Amy, an Ontario girl, was well acquainted with the "cottage rules" we are living with.  Well done everyone!  Still no water but we are managing.
I am getting closer and closer to being up to date!!!
Take care everyone and appreciate every little thing you have (especially your water).

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