Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My baby biker

Last night after dinner I had to go out and put the ATV's away (in the box) and Lily asked if she could come out. Generally this would be an easy yes but it was getting late as everything yesterday was about an hour and half later than normal due to my getting three geese and Margot shopping ($150 for two small bags of groceries!). So we head out around seven with my telling Lily it would only be for a few minutes. Well, next thing you know she has her bike out and riding around all by herself on our rocky, muddy roads and is having a great time! Then a few of her friends show up on there bikes and Dieter, my niehbor comes out with his son and it's a an arctic evening street party. There is snow shoveling, finish line rocks being laid out and bike races. We did not make it in for bath until 8:20 so it ended up being a late, but really fun night.

I ofter reflect on living in the north and the pros and cons of the choice Margot and I made coming up here. I am not going to list them here, but I have been feeling somewhat negative since returning with Beckett about the apparent danger of our little hamlet and the lack of a hospital to name a few cons. It is a scary thing to think about needing to be medivaced out and having one's flight grounded due to extreme weather, which is a common thing. However, there are some really cool things about having a young family up here. The kids are very friendly and include Lily in everything. We have kids over at our house for play all time. I have so much time with my family and I know many parents who don't get to say that. And I would say it is quality time, not just time spent driving around from place to place on the weekend. Well, it may be driving around, but we're on a snowmachine or ATV and lily is sitting in front of me as we sing and laugh and bounce about. We have a great time. I am trying very hard to focus on the good of being here versus the rose coloured glasses rememberings of the best places at the best times from our lives down south that cloud my judgement. The grass is not always greener. Life here can be a lot of fun.


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  1. I was sorry to see no comments on your lovely posts. I found this when I was seeking pics for the Cape We visited Cape Dorset in 1999 and i am about to blog about it for my writing group. We stayed an extra two days due to the --fog! it was August. Anyway just wanted to say hello. We had a great time in Nunavut


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