Monday, June 4, 2012

My goose is cooked... soon.

Well, summer fast approaches and I must admit, I am really excited about standing barefoot in cool, soft, damp grass and wiggling my toes! We are going to southern BC for most of the summer holidays (yes, the dogs too) and are looking forward to seeing the house and van we bought after Christmas that we have yet to see. My parents have been really great about helping keep an eye on it for us and getting it ready for our upcoming arrival. It is a 4 bedroom, 3 bath house near parks, downtown and Lily's mama and papa. The main floor is rented and we are setting up the basement suite as our summer place. I think it will work well. In preparation for having the kids sleeping together over the summer we re-arranged rooms at our place here in Kingait. Lily and Beckett now have the master suite with the walk-in closet and Margot and I have Beckett's old room and Lily's old room is now guest room/gym/storage. It has been going alright, but I know Margot is quite tired because Beckett is eating more frequently. He is getting huge! A few days ago he weighed in at 16 lbs 10 oz at 3.5 months old. He is wearing nine month suites. I will try to get a few photos of everyone posted in a few days.

It is light here pretty much all the time now and I am having a hard time with it. ATVS and snowmobiles racing around all night, people out and about at all hours and carver with power tools who started carving near us at 4:30 am make it very hard to sleep.

Things are warming up here quickly. The inlet is melting/breaking up fast and the snow has become very slushy. A couple of friends went out for a ride/hunt yesterday and I opted out due to my concerns over the thickness and stability of the ice. Luckily they made it home without incident.

I have been lucky hunting the last week or so and have gotten a few Canadian Geese. Yesterday I learned (thanks Internet!) how to pluck and singe geese so they end up looking like turkey one would buy from a store. Margot said she would be much more willing to handle and cook them looking like that which is nice. A month ago Margot made Walrus stew with the walrus I helped bring in on the flow edge during winter. She got nothing but compliments! It was actually pretty good and not too fishy tasting. I have not really enjoyed Walrus in the past.

Life is pretty good these days. Margot is home with the kids and I am still working. Lily goes to daycare in the mornings so she can play with her friends and most days, this allows Margot and Beckett to sleep in while Lily and I have breakfast, cuddle and watch the news, pack and head out to school. I pick Lily up from daycare at lunch and we head home. Margot has lunch waiting for us. We all eat together, chat, have coffee, then I head off to work while Margot gets the kids into nap mode, some days more successfully than others. Lily is in the process of not napping these days. By the time I am home from school Lily often has friends over or they are all out and about (shopping at the stores).

Work is alright but I will admit I am getting a bit burned out. The kids are extra hard right now with cheap candy for sale at the Northern and light all the time. They are either wired or completely exhausted if and when they bother to show up. Oh well. It's the end of the day and I am going to go goose hunting before dinner. Wish me luck.... or not if you don't like hunting!


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