Saturday, January 29, 2011


Of course by the time I get to writing this it is no longer Friday. However that doesn't change the fact that I had a very nice Friday. Richard took Lily to school (this in nice in that I am less rushed). Got to school feeling relaxed and breakfast went really well. The kids were organized and actually finished close to on-time. This does not always happen. Then we did guided reading and everybody was focused and working hard. Indoor recess because of a big blizzard. This makes the kids very happy. Next math class. We are working on patterns. They love it because it is something they can excel at. Then instead of gym our monthly assembly. Each month we celebrate an Inuit princilple and two students from each class get recognized for demonstrating this ideal. This month was Tunnganarniq (being inclusive and welcoming). I even managed to call the parents of my two students ahead of time so they could attend the assembly. End of the assembly came and David (the principal) says that school will be cancelled in the afternoon because of the blizzard. I think I was the only person in the room not celebrating. I had a great afternoon planned and was sad to miss it. I also thought I might have time to get some planning done. But instead of all that I got to go with Lisa to the store to look at fabric for our upcoming parkas and then head home to spend some time with Richard. Daycare stayed open so Lily stayed at school. By about 1:30 the storm died down and we had a pretty nice day here. Other things that made Friday great:
Finished (mostly) Lily's parka. I just need final approval from the sewing ladies because I'm not sure about one detail.
Took all the trim off my parka (because it was fraying) ready to use the right stuff and fix it all up today.
Had great cuddles with Lily.
Had a relaxing night.
Now I am ready for a great Saturday and getting two parkas finished.

PS. Not sure about the greatness of any day when I will be up at 6:30am. But we shall see...

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