Sunday, January 30, 2011


I am working on getting better at posting so here is a little something about Saturday. Had kids over to play with Lily which she LOVES. They had a great time and the morning went quickly. After getting Lily down for a nap I headed off to sewing. I had sewn the fur on Lily's parka Thursday night but took it to get approval from the ladies. One small fix needed but otherwise her parka is finished!! It is so cute I will get some pictures up soon. She is not so sure about wearing it, she has a thing about hoods, but we shall see as the temperature continues to drop. I spent all of sewing time fixing the trim on my parka. I had taken a chance on trim material and it didn't work out well. Doing trim is not a hard job but this was a bit stressful in that until it was done my parka was in pieces so I didn't have a coat to wear home. Finally did get it finished just in time to head home and get ready for our dinner guests. Had a great dinner with friends. Lily loves having people around and insisted that one of our guests give her a bath (which was done willingly) and then she took all our guests to her room and read them a story. So cute and fun but sort of destroyed bedtime routine. She spent the next hour and a half getting out of bed and asking for "last hug" from everybody. We kept saying no but she kept asking. And that was our Saturday. Sunday has been relaxing and playful. Lily and I took a walk with the dogs and after almost 15 minutes of dressing we were probably outside for a total of 5 minutes. Ah, the arctic. So ends another weekend.
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  1. So great to hear from you Margot. I miss you guys, but it's so much fun to follow along with your adventures. Love and hugs!


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