Thursday, February 3, 2011

A snow day and Lilibeth's parka

I spent my lunch hour playing my drums today. It was really nice to play, as I never seem to make time to play. For those who did not know, I am a drummer and have been for most of my life. I brought a drum set up with me that I leave at my school. We have a very nice music room that so far seems safe. I have actually been working with a couple of girls teaching them how to play, it's been fun. Anyhow, another staff member found me and told me the news: snow day! It was nice because Margot and I were able to get a bunch of errands done which included a trip to the Government of Nunavut building. Margot had never been inside as was quite impressed as it is very nice.

On numerous occasions I have tried to get to know facebook but have always been pretty turned off by the whole thing. However, many people up here use it so I thought I would try it again. Well, it was pretty neat. I got in touch with some old friends, made amends with others. Overall a great night spent on the computer. Being so far from loved ones also means that having a relationship on the computer is much more acceptable. Down south, it had always seemed odd to me to talk on the computer with your friends rather than hopping on your bike to go hang out and talk in person. But up here, well that's just not an option if your friends live elsewhere.

This is Lily checking out a recent Arctic Char that I bought. Mmmmm, I can't wait for Sashimi! Lily then started telling me stories about when her and I would go fishing or the trip she took with her cousin and her "Papa" in the little boat. Lily loves fishing.

This is a carver posing with a bear we just bought. His name is Noo Atsiqq and he does beautiful work. Note the "steam" in the picture. It is about -35 C and that is the humidity from the house freezing. Brrr, to think these carvers all work outside.

Lily playing with her Amouti (note the dolly in the back). So cute!

Lily in her new parka. Margot did an amazing job.

That is the look of big trouble! Lily posing with her seal mittens, or as we call them, her furry mittens. They really are amazingly warm.

The twins warming up. We decided to treat ourselves and go out for dinner tonight to the restaurant.

The girls posing for a quick picture inside our restaurant.

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  1. I am so happy that you are here with your blog. We sure miss you and its wonderful to be able to have a peek at your lives up there!

    Lily's parka looks beautiful! Great job Margot!

    Also a very beautiful carving. We have been showing off the one you sent to us. You are very lucky to have talent like that knocking on your door!

    Miss you guys tonnes and say a special hello to your lovely daughter too!

  2. where you have by this cool lady winter parka with so huge fur. its so nice. please give raply . thanks petra germany


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