Saturday, February 19, 2011

My first Caribou hunt tomorrow!

So am I a bit nervous tonight as I am going on my first big trip out onto the land tomorrow morning (early) to go Caribou hunting. I am taking an Inuit friend and we are heading out for the day. The ice is very thick I have been told and both of my snowmobiles (he is borrowing one) are finally in good shape. I have also bought a new Qamutiic (sled) that was built by a local carpenter which is towed by one of the snowmobiles to carry anything we catch. It's not a big one, but is big enough for what I need.

I must admit to being a bit nervous about the whole thing as it is quite chilly and it is a 3 hour ride to the area he thinks the Caribou are. Then there's hunting time, cleaning (assuming we get something) and then travel time home. It's not like down south, where you can stop and make a fire to warm up! I should be just fine as I have good, high quality gear, but....

I have spent the evening gathering up all the things I think I will need (I tend to be over prepared - thanks Dad)and am headed to bed early tonight. I will post some pictures and such monday to let you know how it goes.


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