Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kids gone wild!

What a week! We had a group come up from down south armed to deliver science concepts to both the high school and elementary students. We learned about light and sound, animals and the stars. We played laser tag (so fun), got to go inside an inflatable planetarium and see a moving light show (for about a minute before it broke) and meet a lizard and a hedgehog. The group (elephant thoughts) was set up at Sam Pudlat school and my class got to go up twice to participate. We had a great time and the kids got to have some new experiences which is always great. However, it made the week crazy! When there are big changes to the kids schedules it brings out the crazy behavior. For the most part, my students are a pretty good group. They look out for one another and make good choices. I am generally very proud of my class, but there were a few moments this week that made me shake my head. By the end of the week I had to suspend two of them (a boy and a girl) for assaulting other kids on different occasions. I haven't had to suspend a kid for that since school began! I have been told that as we get more daylight that the kids get a bit kooky because they stay up later and get less sleep. We'll see if this is the case. Obviously, I hope this is not the case. The sun is rising at 7:30 am and setting at about 5:30 pm right now. But we are fast approaching long periods of light which I am very interested in seeing how it affects us. Both Margot and I have been feeling a bit low lately (energy & mood) and I am really looking forward to my parents visit. It is nice to have something to look forward to and seeing family will be a real treat. We have not left our little town since we got here in August. It has been a strange thing being trapped here. We have always taken road trips on weekends and at holiday times down south, but up here, it's just not possible. It just costs too much to justify a trip out. Even flying to Iqaluit from Cape Dorset return is over $1000 each. So, having loved ones make the trek up at spring break (1 week off work) will bring a bit of home up here. Don't get me wrong, our life up here is very comfortable for the most part. We have a nice place, good jobs, great friends and Lily is loving daycare. But, I do miss being able to pop out to a larger community for a break.

Warning: Proud Parent moment

Speaking of Lilibeth, she is able to speak and understand so much Inuktitut, it's amazing. We often get comments from the Inuit about how surprised they are at her ability to speak and understand both languages. She knows so much more Inuktitut than me at this point. It is the dominant language that is spoken daycare so she spends all day, 5 days a week immersed in it. It is really great that she is leaning another language. This has really made me step up my game and given me yet another reason to keep trying to learn and use Inuktitut daily.

I tried to setup a jam session this week with a few other musicians who have been wanting to get together but was very disappointed when only one showed up. It was cool enough as we played together, but not the same as a full band. I am hoping that we can try again as I really miss playing music with others. But, I do get frustrated when plans are made, then abandoned without letting other know. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Yesterday after school I popped down to the Co-op to get gas as I needed to top up my machine and fill a spare jerry can. When I got there I was told the pump was broken and I had to estimate how much fuel I need, prepay for it then drive all the way out to the tank farm. The tank farm is at least 1 km from the Co-op and is where they to store all the fuel for the community. So after a bit of hullabaloo with my new credit card's pin, I headed on down to the farm. I had been expecting to see maybe a snowmobile or two there, or none at all. That I could simply get my gas and be on my way. Well, that was not the case. I arrived to a lineup of at least 15 vehicles (quads, snowmobiles and trucks) all lined up. Each had a plethora of jerrycans with them. I had to wait for over an hour to get my fuel. Did I mention I was not wearing long undies or fuzzy pants. Just my work clothes and in town snow clothes (not insulated pants). It was about -34 C temperature (not incl. windchill.) I was OK, but pretty chilly by the time I got out of there. They did have a little office I could have waited in, but it was small and there were elders and women there who had little ones in their amouti's so I did not want to take up space someone else may have really needed. It was quite a bizarre thing to be in a lineup again, and I must say I haven't missed them at all. It's going to be a big shocker when we go south on our next visit.

Some sad news. A local man committed suicide yesterday. I am sorry to say I don't recall his name but he worked at the Co-op's gas bar and was in his early 20's. It is such a shame and a waste to hear of a young person making this choice. It is especially hard in a community like this one in which there are so many close friends and relatives that it effects. I am very sorry for the family's loss.

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  1. I don't comment often but just wanted to say love your blog, I always enjoy your honest take on arctic life. I haven't been to Cape Dorset in a while, so it's nice to catch up with what's going on there in your posts.

  2. Hey Margot, Richard and Lily,
    Mum/Rosamond shared your blog with me last weekend and it is totally fasinating!
    Awesome to read about all your adventures and how your day to day is going.
    Stay warm and take care,
    Cecilia Cunnington

  3. Wow! What an exciting life you all lead! I wish I had your courage and gumption!

  4. Tell us about the successful hunt!!

  5. That kid is great!!! And yes, I am a little biased, but it's true none the less!

  6. I am glad everyone is still digging the blog. I am sorry it has been so long since we posted. I am hoping to spend some time today catching up. David, a post about the hunt is coming! Gennie, I don't know about how much courage or gumption we have (blush), but we do have a strong sense of adventure. Keep reading a be patient, we'll try to be more regular in our posting.



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