Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So cold my watch froze

I went riding on Sunday for about 3 hours and it was amazing. However, it was so cold (-35 C temperature, not wind chill) that not only did my camera die (no longer works at all, even after charging) but my watch froze in my pocket. I kept looking at the time and realized it did not change after a while. Now that’s chilly! I explored and rode all over our island and got to so many places I could not get to before due to the increased coverage from the recent snow we have gotten. It is pretty amazing riding up here. I rode in the mountains in southern BC as a kid, but with the trend to restrict where motorized vehicles can go (no judgment), it’s pretty neat to know I can ride anywhere I want up here. There is so much land and it’s wide open, hilly, challenging and you are totally alone if you want to be. I find it very peaceful and reinvigorating to find isolation outside. I spend time with others so it’s nice to take a break alone sometimes. I was able to do a full lap around (and back) without using any existing roads, which was a fun challenge. The snow here gets so hard here when the wind picks up a snowmobile will climb just about anything you are brave enough to ride up. Needless to say, I was able to get up to some new places!

I came across fresh polar bear tracks while I was traveling on the far backside of the island. Even with the strong wind we have had, they had not been blown in yet, so they must have been very fresh. As soon as I realized what was happening, I loaded up my 12-gauge shotgun with deer slugs (large bullets) and carried on my way. I do not ever want to get into the situation where I have to use my gun on a bear, but I also don't want to be fast food for a hungry critter. The tracks were about 10” wide! Sadly, the camera had died so I was unable to get some pictures. I asked the elder that works with my boys at school about the bear and after I explained how big the tracks were, he figured it was a very big male bear. Yikes, they can be up to 16 feet long!

The view from our kitchen. It so nice to see and feel strong, direct sunlight. Ahhhh, I missed it.

Up high on the hill. The ocean freezing over in the distance. I love the steam or heat coming off the ocean. It is quite a sight.

Inuksuks. The one in the foreground is at least 8 feet tall. They are quite a sight.

Cape Dorset and the airstrip far below.

Wide open and ready to ride!


It was an amazing day. Sometimes it's really great up here!



  1. So wonderful! I also wold love to have that kind of freedom and quietness. I had a place I used to go to when I was younger and I sure do miss it!

  2. Oops! That comment was left by me!


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