Sunday, February 13, 2011

A LONG week

This seems to have been a VERY long week! Monday started the week off just fine but things quickly went sideways. On Tuesday we were suddenly told that we would have to meet with the district Elementary program co-ordinator. This meant giving up our prep. It was frustrating as late last week I asked if we would be required to meet with her and was told only if we scheduled a meeting. This meant that I was not fully prepared to go into a meeting. It would be nice if we got the correct information! However we were given some great information (that I wish we had gotten in August). It was also nice to be re-inspired about what we can accomplish with our students. Wednesday seemed like it would be okay but then... near the end of gym a student came to get me saying that a boy was hurt. This is unfortunately a common occurrence in gym class so I said "okay" and started walking to the gym. The student said "No, really hurt, with blood." So I started running. I arrived and there is one of my boys lying on the floor with Kathy (the other grade 3 teacher) and he is gushing blood from his head. I took over from her and sat with him applying pressure. Our VP said she would call the ambulance. We don't really have an ambulance but the health centre does have a vehicle that they use when necessary. 10 minutes later we are still waiting so she called back and whoever she talked to this time said that no they were not sending anyone as they didn't have a vehicle available. I looked at my principal and said "we need to get him to the hospital now!" He agreed. The social services van had just arrived to take another student home and my principal said we would take it down. Other adults nearby started trying to tell us that we couldn't take the van as it was working. We both looked at them and said "we are taking it, now." So I bundled the boy in a blanket and scooped him into my arms. My principal led the way and hijacked the van. He drove us down to the health centre where we went inside and the nurses, after an exam, said he needed three stitches. By this time Mom and Dad had arrived. I stayed nearby in case I could help. Mom had to step out but Dad was great. That poor kid. What an awful experience. We sent them off home and as I was just thinking how I would get back to school I see the Social Services driver (who is also the dad of one of my students) waiting for me to offer a ride back to school. I was so thankful as all I had on was my sneakers. So back to school and although my request for an afternoon of stress leave was denied my principal took my supervision duty so I at least had 20 minutes to eat lunch and get ready for class. After lunch my class and I had a BIG conversation about safety and appropriate behaviour in gym class. We then wrote Jason a book all about him and cards for him. After school I had to rush down to pick up Lily so we could all get tested for Tuberculosis. It was not very pleasant but Lily, as always, was a trooper and afterwards thanked the nurses for 'having fun'. They really did work hard to make it okay for her and then gave her prizes, stickers, and a cookie. I send them a great big THANK YOU. Thursday I went to sewing as I often do. We had about 5 minutes to sew and then a meeting started. The ladies are creating a Resource centre committee. We had a big round of nominations and then voting. I got voted onto the committee along with 6 other ladies. Immediately after the voting the seven of us had a meeting to start the process and try and make some progress on a funding proposal. It was an interesting meeting mostly held in Inuktitut. One younger lady very kindly translated for me. Things took a long time and suddenly ended when one of the women walked out. Apparently she felt that things were not orderly enough and got frustrated. Not sure where this leaves things but I do know I have another meeting Wednesday...
A frustrating delay has just occurred!! I got an iPod for my birthday and have just started using it. I have been taking lots of notes and had written down things I wanted to blog about. Well I have just accidentally deleted the whole page of notes! Super frustrating and I have no idea if it is recoverable. Suggestions anyone?!?...
Anyway I do think that was everything except that Saturday was Hockey Day in Canada and we celebrated with Hockey Day in Cape Dorset. Lily and I went up to the arena in the morning where kids were playing hockey. We also went next door to the youth centre where there was free hot chocolate and hotdogs. She had a great time and loved seeing the kids. It was extremely windy and for the first time she agreed to wear her goggles. Of course we then couldn't find them. I think they may have been left at daycare. On the way home the wind had picked up and we only made it about 50 feet on the snowmobile before Lily was miserable. I decided that she would ride home on my lap facing me. This way she could tuck her face in my coat. She clung to me with her little hands. It was so cute. She was pretty happy and we made it home in one piece. Then she had some "big news" for Daddy about the crazy way we drove home. That afternoon I went to sewing and the good news is that another parka is well under way. Saturday night was another dinner with friends. It has been called the Dinner Club by our principal's wife. A very nice relaxed evening with good food and a good game. So ends a very long week and the start of a new, hopefully better week.
Thanks for reading,

PS. Maybe the deleted iPod notes means I get a fresh start for this week. And that would be okay with me!!


  1. One would think the principal would be a little more understanding toward your request. And they wonder why teachers burn out up there. Take it from one who knows.

  2. Hi , Enjoy reading your blog. We were in Dorset for two years, my husband was principal at the high school. His name was Clyde Rogers. Keep on blogging and i will keep on reading. Thanks.


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