Sunday, January 23, 2011

Newbie snowmobile move gone wrong!

I took a friend out snowmobiling today who hasn't gone riding for some time. After Margot and I rebuilt the secondary clutch on my machine, I loaded the sleds up away we went. We headed up into the hills and as Lily says, things went horribly wrong. My friend had rolled the machine onto it's side and fuel was pouring out everywhere. After much effort we righted and got it going. Long story short, it was only running on one of two cylinders and pouring out fuel from the carburetor. So, we couldn't even limp it back to town. We rode my machine back to her house, where I dropped her off and headed over to my mechanic's house. Luckily he was home and willing to help me rescue the stranded snowmobile. I ended up taking off the drive belt and towing him and the dead machine halfway across the island and through town to his place. After removing half the snowmobile (it seemed) he disassembled the carburetor and we put it all back together again. After some tweaking, we got it running! In the end, it turned out alright, nobody got hurt and the snowmobile has another crack in it's hood, but otherwise, it turned out ok. We still got some riding in which was fun. But boy, it's getting cold up here. It's -34 outside right now and breezy. The Inlet is frozen over and many people are driving on it. I am still wary to go on it. There was a large polar bear sighted across the bay a few days ago. Sadly it was gone by the time I could go see. There was a wolf in town also which I hear was shot. Now that the ice is here, I am hoping to see some living animals.

This is a picture looking away from town, up in the hills. Below in the foreground is our frozen water reservoir and beyond is the ocean. It was sunny, cold and blowing.


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