Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blizzard, blizzard, blizzard…

We are entering another day of blizzard!  It is truly crazy up here right now!  Rick and Maureen have been trying to fly out since Monday.  They are still here.  The weather had been pretty good until…a giant storm moved in.  School has also been cancelled so we are all at home.  We have been having a great visit and it is wonderful to have them here however it is getting hard to constantly be saying goodbye.  Every day we just have to check on the weather and see if a plane is going to land.  The storm is fierce blowing many feet of snow around in front of our house.  But it stops completely from time to time.  Yesterday just before lunch the storm let up.  A plane came, landed and took off, and we were told that school was back in session for the afternoon.  Then literally 10 minutes later the storm is back and we get another phone call cancelling school.  Crazy.  Rick and Maureen can’t leave but we don’t have to go to work either, so we get to continue our visit.  Yeah for snow days!!  The problem now is that we need confirmation the plane isn’t flying before we know if they are staying another day.  No one is at the airport yet but we shall see soon enough.  I am pretty darn certain that they will not be getting on a plane today!
As a side note we were asked what the temperature is doing as the blizzard is here.  I have to say it has been pretty nice.  Yes the wind is cold but the temperature has not been much below -15 and has gotten up to -3. 
Now that we have convinced Lily to wear her goggles again it is actually possible to play outside for chunks of time.


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