Wednesday, May 4, 2011


A quick update...the flight this morning has been cancelled and so as Lily says "Mama and Papa are 'taying"!  We had school cancelled this morning but are still waiting to hear about this afternoon.  Apparently the forcast looks pretty dismal for the next week so who knows what is going to happen!  Environment Canada uses a 'flake' rating system so here is what it looks like:  Today a 3 flaker, Thursday a 4 flaker, Friday a 4 flaker, Saturday a 3 flaker, Sunday a 4 flaker, Monday a 3 flaker and Tuesday is another 3 flaker.  3 is officially a snowstorm and 4 flakes is a blizzard.  We are telling Mama and Papa to enjoy our hospitality because they might be here for a while!

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  1. oh man! Bet that "4 hour snowmobile trip across the frozen water to get to Iqaluit" is looking pretty plausible right now! Hope that you guys continue to have a wonderful visit and we also hope that the cabin fever stays away.

    Pass along our love to your lovely daughter.

    Mark and Keri


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