Sunday, May 15, 2011

The end of the blizzards

I realized that in all the hula-ba-loo I never actually wrote that Rick and Maureen got out safely.  On Monday May 9th the skies were finally bright blue and the plane got out just fine.  We also got to see the RCMP plane landing just before their flight.  They had a long stop-over in Iqaluit but then carried on to Edmonton and got there about 10pm.  They spent some time with Maureen's sister and then drove home.  By Friday they were safe and sound back home and according to Lily busy getting their house ready for her!  Lily is happy to be back at school.  She was home most of the time her Mama and Papa were here and was missing her friends.  On Monday she asked to go to school in the afternoon to get to see her buddies again.  I think the distraction was good for her.  So now at the end of the week we have all been at school and are getting back into the rhythm of life.  But now we realize just how close the end of the year is and we are getting VERY excited about heading out of town.  The end is near...

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