Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Children and bedtime

Sunday night, 10:30, and the phone rings.  “Hello” the voice says, “is Lily there?”  My brain says “What!?!”  It turns out it is one of the students from my school and yes she actually wanted to talk to Lily.  I was so taken off guard but I managed to tell her Lily had long been in bed and to ask her to please not call me at home any more.  I was worried this might be the start of something but we have gotten no further calls since then.  So all is okay.  Except, I am still wondering why there are children up and about so late into the night!!

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  1. Ha! If you stay long enough, you'll start to consider 10:30 early and be glad they at least called before the grown-ups went to bed... kids stay up insanely late in Nunavut, even on school nights, especially during the light season.


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