Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another sad day in Dorset

We had a slow day around the house today.  After I put Lily down for her nap I was outside when my neighbour walked past and told me that I should not be outside.  There was someone shooting on the other side of town and we should all stay inside.  I went in and told Richard this who was quite concerned.  However, we were all invited to Cheryl’s house for dinner.  Cheryl works at the airport and is the wonderful woman who went out of her way to get us our house keys when we arrived.  She routinely has large dinner parties and today we were invited to Thanksgiving dinner.  Richard decided to stay home as he wasn’t up to visiting.  When Lily woke up she and I got dressed and figured we would be okay to walk to two minutes to Cheryl’s house.  As I passed the neighbour’s house (the same one I’d spoken to earlier) the window opened and his wife called out to me that I really shouldn’t be outside as there was someone with a gun.  And that they had announced on local radio that he said he would shoot anyone that he saw.  I decided to head back inside.  I called Cheryl’s and talked to Meaghan (Mercedes’ mom).  I told her what was going on and although she said I probably didn’t have to be worried she had her husband come down and pick us up.  They weren’t worried because the shooter was over in RC (the other side of town) with all the roads blocked off.  We had dinner and a very nice time.  Lily had a great time.  She loves people so much and really likes playing with Sadie (as she calls Mercedes).  Throughout the evening they kept getting phone calls updating them on the situation.  By 6:00 they had the man in custody.  Turns out they flew a swat team of 15 in from Iqaluit and within 20 minutes they had the suspect.  Details are still sketchy but there is one confirmed death.  The man killed his brother and may also have shot his sister.  It was a pretty scary situation and there is still no word on what caused the whole thing.  I think two fatal shootings in three weeks is more than enough and I hope that things will settle down for a while.  A fairly big distraction from Thanksgiving but we really did have a great meal and Cheryl and Meaghan put together a big plate for me to bring home to Richard.  It was nice to be out and be social.  After all the illness in our house preventing us from getting out and about it is nice to feel like we are starting to become a part of the community.

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  1. Hi Richard,
    Today is Thursday, Dec 16. I say this as I've been meaning to let you know that your blog always opens (for me) to this day:
    "October 10th - Another sad day in Dorset"
    I can easily go to the most recent post, but wonder why Oct 10th always comes up. Could it be because that's when I made the shortcut which is on my desktop? I leave this with you!! David


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