Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Birthday

Monday, October 4th
Today was my birthday.  I want to thank everyone for the very nice birthday wishes.  My class was so nice in the morning giving me great big "Happy Birthdays" and then apparently they had used up all their niceness by 10:00am and the rest of the day was Not so great!  But then I got home and Richard arrived with Lily.  They opened the door and she yelled "we gots boons" which translates to mean they had brought home balloons for me.  Lily still doesn't understand the subtlety of surprises.  So Richard and Lily decorated the house with balloons and the sign Richard had made for me.  Richard made me burgers for dinner which I love and it may well be the last BBQ of the year.  We had a very nice night and I got some very nice presents so thank you again to all!!

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