Friday, October 15, 2010

cbc comes to our hamlet

Well, when CBC comes to town you know you're big news. Here is the Video that I have yet to see due to our very slow Internet tonight. Here is an article on what has been happening in the community lately. At school we had a critical incident meeting this afternoon with a team who had been brought in to work with a few organizations in town. I have never been through this type of meeting before and it was very helpful to hear what some of my peers were going through and I hope it helps. It was exhausting though and quite slow as both the school's staff member went through it together. There were at least 40 plus people there which made everything slow going.

What a week! I'm wiped and tired, so I am signing off. Take care everyone and make sure your guns are locked up. Oh, about my post about trigger locks the other day, I was talking to someone today (no names) and she informed me that the police had done gun safety programs in the past that ended with free trigger guards, only to find them in the garbage or used to lock things other than guns on their follow up visits. So, turns out the RCMP have tried free trigger locks in the past also. Sorry for my misinformation.


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