Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dead dog, not ours but still very upsetting

I am so angry right now. Humanity is a constant disappointment. Here is the set up for this story. It has snowed a lot here overnight. We have about 20” of snow in the road in front of our house right now and the vehicles that can drive in it are staying in one set of tracks. We also have a family who lives at the end of the road with a very cute husky type puppy. He is about 3 months old and is already bigger than Smoot. Sadly, his owners do not tie him up or the dog frequently escapes. I had just finished having a romp with our dogs outside (off leash) and had brought them up the stairs because a truck was coming and they have no understanding of vehicles. I put them inside and was watching as the dog’s owner drove past with the puppy running along behind. Then another truck (a white Ford truck that is driven by a supervisor of the construction site across the road) comes barreling up the road. The puppy is unable to get out of the deep ruts in the snow and is driven over. I am watching this happen in shock and horror as I see this beautiful dog come tumbling out from under the rear wheel. The truck does not even slow down nor do I ever see the driver come over to see what he has done. ***HOLE! I run over to find the dog laying crumpled up on its side as blood is leaking out his nose and mouth. I run over to a neighbor who is a dog owner (responsible) and has lived here for a bit might know what to do with an injured dog, but I realize it’s too late. Meanwhile the two passengers from the truck, both Inuit, are visibly concerned and sad about the dog. One says he is willing to get the truck to load the dog into so we can take it to the owners, after my direct probing. So, 5 minutes later I realize no one is coming back so I carry the dog back to it’s house. People make me sick.

However, on a lighter note: SNOW DAY! The last two days we had up to 90 km gusting winds and forecasts for up to 20 cms of snow. The house was shaking last night as the storm moved through. We got up this morning with a phone call from my Principal letting us know that the morning session of school had been cancelled. They would re-assess at lunch about school. So we had a fun morning, aside from the dead dog, playing in the house and out in the snow. The drifts here were incredible. We have almost 3 feet of snow in front of our house. So much fun.

I went and got the snowmobile today! Again, the taxi didn’t come to pick me up so I hoofed it down to the storage shed. It was great to get it out and going. I got extra goodies with it including a new cover, oil, gas can, spark plugs, bungees and a few bits and bobs. With all the wind there are a few sparse sections of snow on the road so I had to pick and choose where I rode but I made it to the co-op which also sells gas. I parked in front of the pump which is across the street from the store then went in to pay. There is always a crowd in front of the store and today was no exception. I must say I felt a bit uncomfortable as I walked in with my helmet and all my gear on. However, all I got were smiles and grins. I got a fuel slip from the cashier and was on my way outside to get the gas when a customer stopped me and told me I had to wait for the “gas man.” I smiled and said “so, are you trying to be tricky or is there really a gas man? Do you all have a good laugh at the new white guy in town every time he falls for the old gas man gag?” He and his buddies had a big laugh but indicated that there was indeed a gas man. In the end there was a gas man who filled my sled and the gas can. I had to do two trips into town because I had to go back to get more Thanksgiving groceries. It was really fun to ride again. My dad and I rode every weekend when I was a kid and then a teenager. The snowmobiles and our courage grew every year as we became more adventurous. I was thinking today how so many skills we learn are re-used in ways or places we never would have suspected. I think it’s so important to experience as many different things as possible and learn from each one. You never know when you will have to ride a snowmobile in front of what feels like half your new town.

I came home and took the girls out for a ride. I had assumed Margot had been on a snowmobile, but I learned that was not the case. She’ll get the hang of it once I undo what her dad taught her about being a passenger on his motorcycle. Every time I went into a corner I was expecting her to lean but she didn’t. When we got off I asked why and found out he had asked her not to on the bike because it might cause problems. Lily loved it and started crying when Margot took her helmet off in the store because she wanted to stay outside and play on the snowmobile. So, her and I sat outside and talked with the kids while Margot shopped for the things I forgot on my last trip. In the end it was a success and we are looking forward to lots more snow.

I (along with my little "helper") got my indoor garden set up today. We are growing green onions, garlic chives, cherry tomatoes, full size tomatoes, lettuce and basil. I have it all set up with full spectrum lights, and it looks a bit like, well, a grow op. We’ll keep you posted on how it works out. Oh, I realize I never posted about the worms. Turns out that I was unable to procure any worms so sadly, no composting. Maybe we can convince a friend to bring some back with them from their holidays.

We skyped with my parents tonight which was great. It was a bit choppy but we all saw each other for a few minutes. Technology is really very cool when it works. I am very curious how much bandwidth we used up as the package we have now is good for 2 gb a month.

I am still sick and whatever I have Margot seems to have a milder version so we are now taking meds to hopefully help us heal. I have now been sick for 6 weeks. I am getting sick and tired of being sick and tired! I overdid it today and now I can’t talk or swallow very well. I am glad it is Friday tomorrow and we get Monday off and Tuesday is a sessional day with no students. I need a rest. 

The storm coming in. 90 km hr winds and huge snowflakes.

The snow we woke up to. Upwards of 2 - 3 feet deep!

Having a play.

The girls getting ready to go. Lily had taken her goggles off.

Our garden.

Take care all!


Other sad dog news today... Just as we were getting home from our snowmobile test run the dog next door got attacked.  The dog's name is Bruno and Richard ran out to help him.  He is tied up (with about 3 feet of rope) and two dogs were attacking him and had him cornered under the metal platform they use to fill the water tanks.  Richard scared them away and checked Bruno out.  He was upset but unhurt.  And just now as Richard posted this originally we heard noises outside and the dogs were back trying to get Bruno again.  We know the two dogs actually do belong to someone because they do have collars on.  I wish people would take care of their animals.  Those dogs should be tied up and Bruno should be inside.  Lets hope tomorrow brings no more bad animal news!


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