Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whale bones and Ticky Loopies

Hello all, sorry for the big delay in posting. Life has been busy as per usual. Well, that and we got cable. I know, it’s sad that has such an impact on our ability to communicate with the outside world but it has. Lily got a cold on Friday so I had to take the afternoon off and come home with her.  I stayed home with her Monday as well.  Margot stayed home with her on Tuesday, then started to get ill herself so stayed home with her today. The good news is they seem to be doing better and everyone is going to school tomorrow.

The last two Saturdays I have gone out for big morning walks while Margot stays home with the pants. It has been really good for my spirit to get some time outside by myself. We don’t get much alone time these days and I have been missing it as I was so ill. So last week I walked up to what was going to be a new septic lake for the town but turned into a 20 million dollar road to nowhere. It makes a great walking path though! The dogs loved it and we all enjoyed the exercise. Did a bit of shooting which was alright. I realized I hadn’t shot my shotgun in many years and since I have it for protection I should make sure it works alright. Well, it does and then some. I have Winchester 12 gauge pump action shotgun that was left to me by my grandfather and holy cow does it have some kick. It’s a funny thing about carrying it. I grew up around firearms and recently taken the Canadian Firearms safety course and feel quite comfortable handling guns. I am legally allowed to carry it. However, I still feel like I am breaking a taboo every time I unlock it and take it for a hike or shoot it. I feel very self conscience. But I do see many others doing what I am doing and the only thing people ask is if I am going hunting with honest curiosity. Oh well, I am still new here and I’m sure I will get more comfortable.

I went for another hike this last weekend from the park which is a couple KM’s from town and hiked the shoreline towards town in search of the remainder of the whale carcass  that was killed last year. I did find it and WOW it is HUGE. I knew it would be big, but standing next to vertebrae that are as big as my dog. I found a piece of baleen and strapped it to my bag to bring home. My neighbor asked me how it was that I went hunting and all I got was a piece of baleen with a big smile on her face.

Lily is doing well and as silly as ever. She has really started to explore imaginative play. she is creating all sorts of story lines and using things around the house as props for her games. One of her favorites lately are taking Booster (her toy rabbit) to the airport so they can get on or see an airplane and she can have a ticky loopy.  She packs her stuffy into a lunch bag and gets into her stroller in the boot room or straps booster in and then does it all over again. She is such a cutie.

School is going well for the most part. We got Internet yesterday which is very exciting. I have been participating in one of the teacher’s after school group: guitar club. It’s been nice to play with others again. My drum set is a big hit and everyone has been very respectful of my gear. They always ask to use it and one of the boys who has been really enjoying playing is now trying to buy his own set which is pretty cool.

We are supposed to be getting our sea lift on Friday, but I’ll believe it when I see it. It keeps being pushed back so I am a bit cynical. However, I am really excited about having a house full of food instead of a bag of groceries from the store costing way too much.

We got a package that contained the tools needed to put up our drapes finally! Yeah! We have been using plastic table cloth covers over the windows for the past two months and it will be nice to have some fabric up. With no carpet the house is very boomy and the walls are very white so it’s nice having some colour and sound absorption. So we are starting to work our way through our house and have all but two windows done.

Lily playing with Sassie the visiting puppy
Looking down towards the ocean and the park

Looking back towards the playground at the park

Whale bones

Ribs (I think)

This is about 4 1/2 feet tall and quite long
Lily keeping all of us safe, starting with Booster and Deetdeet

On top of the hill looking towards the other side (?) of the island

A long drop to the other side, but so pretty

On top looking towards town

On our way home looking down on Cape Dorset

On our way home from our hike. Boy those dogs slept well.

Thanks for visiting and stay safe! Lots of love to our family and friends.


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  1. We used to walk the dog up there all the time too. It give you a great view of town. I highly recommend it as a spot to watch the northern nights as well since there is no light up there to take away from them.


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