Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our Big Day!

Forgive the duplication but I had finished writing this when I realized that Richard already wrote about this morning.  I have left my version as it was, so please enjoy it again!...
We had a VERY big day here in Cape Dorset.
Lily and I started this morning with her having a screaming dance party over the fact that there was snow and maybe she could eat some.  I told her that Daddy was sleeping so we couldn’t scream but we could dance, which we did.  She wanted to go out right away but I convinced her that 7:30 in the morning wearing pajamas was not the time to be playing in the snow.  It started out as only a light dusting but it made the world prettier.  The snow got heavier through the day.

Later, as we were looking at the snow, the neighbour’s daughter came out and started making snow angles in the road in front of the house.  Lily thought this was great and spent a very long time practicing snow angles on the livingroom floor just to be ready.  She also shared her fort with Smoot with and thought it was hilarious.

After breakfast she and I got dressed and ready to go to our first playdate.  There is a ‘Southern’ couple here with their 19 month old daughter.  After making snow angles and slip-sliding our way to their house we had a great visit.  It ended with both girls getting tired and frustrated with each other but then when we were actually on our way out they were both sad and we have been invited back tomorrow.  Lily is very excited.

We came home and put Lily down for an early nap.  When she woke up all three of us went up to my school.  Today was the big Penny Sale.  This is an event that happens often in town and is used as a fundraiser.  Today was to raise money for the school.  The way it works is that items are laid out on tables with a bag in front of each group of things.  You then buy tickets, write your name on them, and put them in which ever bags you want to.  At the end of the time they draw a name from each bag and if they draw your name you win the items.  Today most things were 25¢ but there were some items were $2.00.  I bought a few $2 tickets to try and get a very large rock for Richard to try carving.  We didn’t win the rock but a young carver did.  He spent about $20 and was so excited to win.  The piece of stone was worth about $400.  He was so happy and told us about how he has an order for a large statue from Iqaluit and now he could make it.  So I did not win the rock but I did win something else.  I won a collection of items that included shoes that are too small for me, boots that are too small for me, a hat that is too small for me and too big for Lily among some other strange things although I do like the rainbow scarf.  The other thing that happened today was a ‘Cake Walk’ during the Penny Sale you could line up for a spot in the Cake Walk.  You had to buy a ticket (price varied depending on the size of the cake, 1 or 2 dollars), then you find a spot on a number on the floor.  When the music played people would walk around the circle when the music stopped so did the people.  A number was then drawn from a bag.  If you were standing on that number you won the cake.  I helped show one cake that was about to be played for, I brought a cake for the sale, I played once and did not win a cake but two of my students did.  They were so proud!

Out side Sam Pudlat and the Penny Sale

Penny Sale tables

My winnings

After we had put Lily to bed there came a knock at the door.  A carver we have met before and had chatted with this afternoon was at the door.  He asked Richard if he would charge his Ipod for him.  Richard thought it was a strange request but it is true that most people here don’t have computers so he may not have a way to charge it.  He then asked if Richard would like to buy it for 50 dollars.  Richard said he was not interested but he would charge it (only this once) if he wanted to leave it and comeback in half an hour or so.  Once Richard plugged it into his computer the Ipod identified itself as belonging to the Mom I had a play date with today.  We didn’t know what to do.  I decided to try and call her.  I explained what was going on and she said that the Ipod had gone missing last year but she and her husband would come down to talk to the carver when he returned.  So they came over and we had a nice visit while waiting for the guy to return.  He came back and the men headed outside to talk to him.  Locals here really do not talk much so I gather there wasn’t much conversation but he did say that he had just found it.  In the end he was given the Ipod as they had already replaced it and didn’t want to make a big fuss about it.  We both think this was pretty impressive.   
So that was our day and we are both very pleased that tomorrow is not a school day.  As I sit writing this two more carvers have come to the door.  They sometimes come very late, 10:30-11:00pm, way past my bedtime!  However Richard answered the door but then called for me to come.  It is the carver I really like and yes I did buy another carving but it is a very round, very cute, dancing bear.  As my student’s say, what else could I do?  “Come on!”


  1. It's lexi...As I am new to "Blogging"...I am so happy to read all of your posts, see your photos and feel connected to all of you!! Lilli is way too cute!! Miss you guys so so much but super happy to keep reading...lots of love and all of our best thoughts from Me, Lyle and Ryan :)

  2. Thanks for dropping a line. We miss you all very much also. Keep in touch!

    -The Haworths


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