Friday, October 1, 2010

We have a new piece of Cape Dorset Art!

I know, I know, we have alot of sculptures. But, now we have a one of a kind.....

By Lilibeth Haworth

A new Caterpillar! This was “created” by Lily at her school.

What a week! It seemed to go on forever with all the mayhem at school. Tuesday was supposed to be a half day so people could attend the funeral of the young man who was shot, but the funeral was pushed back a day to accommodate a relative who could not fly in due to a cancelled flight. So, the kids were crazy. Wednesday they decided not to cancel the afternoon but allowed students who came to school in the morning to not have their attendance penalized. So, the kids were crazy. Thursday was the Terry Fox Run in the afternoon. Since I am still injured I helped lock the school up after the kids left and greeted those who completed the run. However, I had a little helper. Lily was doing part of the walk with her school (so cute, sorry no photos) and was waiting in front of the school, but I didn’t know this until my students came inside and told me. So I went outside and we all waited for like 20 minutes for the thing to get going. Meanwhile kids are disappearing and the toddlers were getting antsy. Lily decided she wants to come into my school and not do the walk. So, she came inside with me and we said goodbye to everyone. Mike, my VP, found Lily a yogurt tube and she was as happy as a clam. She got an extra one that we kept as a snack for when we got home. This was after she invaded my stash of “Daddy’s Nola Bars” in my desk. I try to keep a couple of granola bars there just in case. Today’s craziness was House League day. Every Friday, the school gives up the last two periods of classes so the kids can participate in soccer. There are 4 teams that the kids sign up to play with and they all rotate through playing one another. My team are the Huskies. GO HUSKIES!!!! We won! The kids can also play table tennis (they’re crazy for it up here), watch a movie or just hit the concession and hang out. It’s a pretty neat activity and all the kids have to get approval from their home room teachers to play. But, the day is always a bit crazy as the kids are pretty jacked up.

Margot made a new furry friend this week. She was on supervision on Tuesday and a little huskyish puppy fell in love with her and would not leave her side. So, after saying goodbye she retreated into the school and headed for her classroom. Well, guess who found her? Yup, little puppy snuck into the school and found her. She took puppy outside and that was the last she saw of it. So fast forward a few days to Thursday and we are all at home. I am out on the deck BBQing and little puppy decides that my steaks are pretty good smelling. As I am trying to get the hot food into the house and keep our dogs in and the puppy out, it sneaks in. Now we have a Lily and 3 dogs romping in the house. Puppy gets excited and pees in the kitchen and we heave it back outside. It then cries and cries at the door. After dinner it sneaks back in when we are putting our dogs out. So we let it stay a bit while we decide what to do. The puppy is so cute but so skinny. So I give it a big doggy dinner and it goes wild for the kibble and water. So sad. We call some friends who think they know the owner and are willing to pick her up and take her home. But, it turns out the that this is a boy and not the same dog Margot had met at school which was owned. This dog is a mystery and sadly we have to let it go. The dog hung out for a bit, brought some dead bird up to eat on the deck and then headed off. We haven’t seen it since.

The other night the elementary school had a special community literacy event in which some of the teachers volunteered to read stories all the children and the school provided healthy snacks and warm drinks. It was a hit and the turnout was great. Lily had a great time and as usual was the center of attention. The kids love her and she thinks it’s a great time to play with everyone.

We ordered our coats and they are on there way up right now!!! We bought two Canada Goose Expedition Parkas from Altitude sports in Montreal. They were great and so helpful. I would highly recommend them. We are both really excited about nice, comfy warm coats.

Our curtain rods finally arrived! I love getting packages. It is like Christmas overtime, even when I know what it is. We also got a surprise package from my grandparents today. It was a long week and we were all pretty tired so it was such a treat to open a box filled with all sorts of tasty favorites. Lily was so excited about big bag of “colours” (smarties). She got a little cup of them and her face lit up like a bulb. She doesn’t get to eat that sort of thing much, so it is quite a treat. We send a great big Thank You to them!

So me and one of my students, PootoogooPootoogoo had beluga whale, Caribou and fish. It was partially thawed but raw. Sometimes her family cooks it but today, raw. They also had a dish in which they take a raw onion that is cut up, mixed with Crisco oil and salt. They asked about my lunch which consisted of sausage and fruit and we both were happier at what we had gotten to eat. I then asked how they prepare the meat. Do they use a local butcher or something? She said that after the animal was killed, they cut off the head, legs and freeze each section after skinning and thaw and eat it as they go. I explained that when I was growing up we hunted deer. When we killed one, it was usually sent of to a butcher and we would tell them the types of cuts we wanted (sausage, burger, steaks, etc) and we would pick it up a few weeks later in little paper wrapped packages. She thought I was kidding and when she heard we killed deer, she paused and gave me an incredulous look and said “like...Deer? Little deer?” Cultures are an interesting thing. We always think ours is normal...

So for those who don't know, my parents have been semi-professional musicians for longer than I have been alive. They have now undertaken the exciting challenge of building a website to showcase their original music. Please stop in and check it out. They love feedback too, so let them know what you think! I am sure you will enjoy your visit.  Haworth Music

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Lily helping with the baking
Lily and Margot enjoying Literacy Night at Sam Pudlat

The smoke from our burning garbage dump and the sunset. The view from our kitchen.

Lily enjoying her yogurt tube snack.

The little visitor

Our little visitor checking out Kala's toy tire.

My students hard at work.

The kids playing soccer during House League.

The Fans during soccer at House League.
One of my students, Pii (pronounced Pee) showing a carving he is wanting to sell.

Another of my students, Willy, showing an Inuksuk that he made.

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