Monday, October 11, 2010

It's ALIVE!!!!!

 Lily and my garden seems to be doing well so far. We have all sorts of sprouts popping up and the transplanted green onions seems to be surviving, lots of new growth.

Lettuce sprouts
Lettuce sprouts

My new garden centre.

The bins each have about 10" of soil in them and I put drainage holes about 1.5" up from the bottom of each. I transplanted the lettuce and they seems to be doing OK. We'll keep you posted.

Sadly I am still very sick and getting very frustrated at the lack of a doctor here. The nurses I have seen are trying but have yet to figure out what the problem is or, if they have, how to effectively treat it. But, there is a doctor coming to town here in the next week or so and I am going to try to get an appointment to see if he/she can figure out what this is.

To our Cape Dorset readers, beware of this truck! This is the vehicle that killed the puppy and didn't slow down or try to rectify the wrong they had done. So, if you see it coming, give it a wide berth because whoever drives it is a bad, bad man.


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