Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crafting it up

Saturday, October 9th

This morning Lily and I had another play date with Mercedes.  The weather has been cooperating so we started with some outside time and then went indoors.  The girls had a great time and we all had a nice visit.

 Lily and Sadie sittin' in the toy box

Went to “crafts” again today to continue work on my parka.  Went down with Lisa, our new teacher, and met up with Kathy there.  I didn’t have very long as Richard still isn’t feeling well and wasn’t up to being alone with Lily for too long.  So I put her down for her nap and headed out.  Last day I had cut out the inner lining and the middle wind-proof layer.  Today I finished cutting out the outer layer.  This in itself was exciting but then I did get to start sewing.  I have been told that I should bring down my own sewing machine as there are not enough machines there to go around and many of them don’t work very well.  I think I will take my machine down but didn’t today as I was walking.  So I used a machine there.  The first didn’t work so well but the second one I tried worked just fine.  I sewed 4 seams which got the front and back of the inner layer attached.  Then I had to try it on and everyone in the room critiqued the fit.  They (the women who know what they are doing) decided that the neck was too high.  So I took it off and the organizer took a pair of scissors to the neckline.  Two more fittings and they agreed the neck was okay.  This layer then served as a template to cut down the neck on the other two layers.  A very relaxed process working on local time so by the time the neck was sorted out I had to leave.  But it is underway now and I am excited about seeing things come together.  I’m going to try to take my sewing machine on Tuesday and see how far I can get using my own machine.  It is fun to be making things again.  For those who don’t know, I injured both my thumbs a year and a half ago and it was too painful to sew or knit or do anything.  Now after double thumb surgery in July they are healing nicely and I am finally able to use my hands again.  This is part of why I am so very excited to be creating again!

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