Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CBC links and my latest rant

Hello all.  Just a quick post tonight.

Here are a couple of links to the CBC north website and their write-ups about the two recent murders here in Cape Dorset. I was talking with a health nurse today about how messed up it seems to be here as of late and she was in agreement, saying that armed standoffs are not new here but the killings are. I had heard around the rumour mill that the firearms used in both crimes were not owned by the killers and had been taken from others. This raised the question of locking up guns here. So, I looked at trigger guards at the store here and found they were over $30 each after tax. Now, I know it is Canadian law that a gun must be kept locked and it is the gun owners responsibility to do this, but this is obviously not happening all the time. I think we as a country should take a cue from (gasp) the Americans. I know, it's a rare thing for me to say. But, in Spokane, Washington (and maybe elsewhere, I don't know) you can walk into any police station and ask for a trigger guard and they will give you one at no charge. No ID required, no questions asked. I think this is a brilliant idea. If they were readily available, then maybe more people would use them and it would force people to slow down when they are in a rage or to resort to a less simple and efficient way to harm others. I don't like putting yet another cost on the plate for all Canadian tax payers, but, I see a huge need for this and a strategy that could save lives. Anyhow, this is just my two cents. What do you think?

By the way, I bought a trigger guard in Spokane for about $8.00 then got a second from the cops for free.

Hmmm, I guess I did have something to say. Big surprise eh?

Here are those links:

Most recent murder

Murder in September



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